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Officially Licensed Red Arrows Socks - Smoke

Officially Licensed Red Arrows Socks - Smoke

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Officially Licensed Red Arrows Socks! 

Our first Red Arrows bamboo sock. Bright and colourful, this sock, Smoke, shows the fantastic colours that fill the air at displays all over the world in the blue, white and red that is known the world over.  

The smoke trails  left by the team are made by releasing diesel into the exhaust; this  vaporises in the hot exhaust flow, then re-condenses into very fine  droplets that give the appearance of a white smoke trail. Dyes can be added to produce the red and blue colour.

Bamboo  gives you a softer and more luxurious experience. Moreover, bacteria  don't like to live and grow in bamboo fiber which makes our Bamboo socks  naturally antibacterial (which is what makes socks smell!). It also  absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping your feet drier and eliminating  foot odour.  The superior comfort  really treats your feet beautifully.  This helps  maintain wonderful comfort levels for your feet throughout  the day.

Unlike  other fabrics,  this comfort can be maintained in all kinds of  temperatures, thanks to  the thermo-regulating fabric. Feet need to  ‘breathe’ to stay healthy and  the bamboo fabric allows feet to stay  cool in the heat and stay  comfortably warm on colder days.


69% Luxurious bamboo 29% Durable polyamide nylon 2% Adaptable elastane

Designed in UK

Manufactured in Turkey

Washing & Care:

We produce the highest quality of socks at cracking value.  To take extra care of your socks, you can keep these few things in mind:

- Wash the socks turned inside out

- We recommend air-drying to extend the life of the sock, but you can tumble dry on low.

- Do not bleach

- Fold. don’t roll (rolling them into balls can distort their shape)

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